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You are/We are getting to know us


Hi Bash-o-Bash fans! Do you like real talk? Ok, here's some! This month's podcast is late again! Here's the deal. We are a working family, living on a shoestring, trying to always put relationships first. This means sometimes we have to head back to the drawing board and make money so we can have groceries. It means sometimes we have rethink our schedules to make sure our kids are getting what they need from us. It means some days it feels like we have plenty. And some days it feels like the bottom is falling out.

One of our goals with this podcast project is to dig into the characters but also to be real about what life is really like. I hear there are folks who find straight paths to their visions. Good for them. That has never been the case for us. So, stick with us! We are not forgetting! We are still plodding along, vision still in tact, just working out some kinks. Thanks a billion to all our Patreon supporters. You make this possible.

And, if you're curious, one of our money-making ventures is our newly started Sulphur Springs Truck Patch. It's all connected, really. But this is where we sell awesome baked goods to keep the projects (and life) rolling. We're very lucky. We have a million privileges. And we aim to use them well and to build up more resources for more people. We're learning as we go! Thanks again.